China, one of the fastest
growing countries in
the world, has made
remarkable progress over
the past 40 years since it
opened to the world.

The Chinese market
presents new opportunities and challenges.

Understanding how to conduct business in or with China is no longer a
luxury, but rather a prerequisite for success in international business.

This program is designed to provide senior executives and business
leaders with a comprehensive view of leading and managing business
effectively in the fast-changing context of China, in a manner that is
compatible with Chinese business practices, regulatory frameworks
and consumer expectations. With a blended format, through lectures,
case studies, interactive learning and company visits, participants
acquire skills necessary for evaluating business opportunities and
developing business strategies for operating, competing, collaborating
and/or further expanding in China.

The program draws on Tsinghua SEM core faculty, as well as guest
speakers from key government institutions and/or leading Chinese
and multinational companies, to facilitate gainful interactions with
Chinese decision makers, and leaders of thought in academia and

Deeper understanding of the institutional logic and
, policy frameworks and trends in the Chinese
economy, as well their implications for global business
and the opportunities and risks of doing business in

Vital, up-to-date insights into Chinese customers, B2B,
B2C and B2G, marketing in China and the knowledge to
design China market development strategies.

Exploration of China’s capital markets including
valuation, financing, and its evolving characteristics,
including the financing of trade and foreign direct
investment, and the overall investment environment.

Dive deep into the ecosystems of China to understand
the country’s technology and innovation, and their
impact on the economy and on entrepreneurship.

Comprehensive understanding of the Chinese culture
and mindset
and the changing values of Chinese citizens
and how these shape business and corporate attitudes
and strategizing.

Awareness of the factors shaping and influencing
social and interpersonal relationships, business culture
and negotiation practices in China.

Interaction with speakers from government and industry
to learn from their insight and personal experiences.

Build your China network as you share experiences and
build strong connections with other participants as well
as Tsinghua SEM Executive Education alumni.

Who Should Attend?
This program is tailored to senior executives and
business leaders, including investors and top
managers of firms doing or intending to do
business in or with China.
In-Person Modules
Beijing Module
Macroeconomic Policy
  • The Historical Roots for China’s Development
  • China Economic Growth: Drivers and Future Trends
  • Red Swan: China’s Political Economy
  • Chinese Financial System
  • Current Status and Future of Artificial Intelligence Development
  • Chinese Style Leadership
  • World-Class Private Enterprise Visit
  • MNC Enterprise Visit
  • Tsinghua Access - Campus Tour, Visit to Schwarzman Scholars and Networking Dinner with Tsinghua Alumni
Chengdu Module

Consumption as Growth Engine
  • Consumption Finance
  • Role of Government in Economic Development
  • Urban Planning and Consumption-driven Prosperity
  • Business Model Innovation in Chengdu’s Cultural and Entertainment Industry
    • Meeting with Chengdu government representatives
    • Meeting with MNC senior executives
    • Meeting with local entrepreneurs
  • New Energy Enterprise Visit
  • High-Tech Enterprise Visit
  • Unicorn Company Visit
  • Internet Enterprise Visit
  • Foreign Enterprise or Joint Venture Visit
  • Cultural Experience and Networking Dinner with Tsinghua Alumni
Shenzhen Module
Technological Innovations
  • China’s Technology Landscape
  • State-0wned Enterprise Visit
  • Biotechnology Enterprise Visit
  • Electronics or EV Enterprise Visit
  • Group Presentations and Feedback
  • Wrap Up
Faculty (partial list)
BAI Chong-En
  • Dean, Tsinghua SEM

  • Mansfield Freeman Chair Professor
    of Economics

  • Senior Associate Dean,
    Tsinghua SEM

  • Coca Cola Chair Professor of Marketing

LI Jizhen
  • Associate Dean,
    Tsinghua SEM

  • Professor of Innovation,
    and Strategy

HE Ping
  • Associate Dean, Tsinghua SEM

  • Chair and Professor of Finance

ZHANG Xiaoquan
  • Executive Vice Dean, Shenzhen Institute of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

  • Assistant Dean, Tsinghua SEM

  • Irwin and Joan Jacobs Chair Professor of Management Science and Engineering

Steven Guanpeng DONG
  • Vice Chairman, China Public Relations Association

  • Professor and Dean, National Institute of Public Relations and Strategic Communication, Communication University of China

HE Zhiguo
  • Fuji Bank and Heller Professor of Finance, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

  • Special-Term Alibaba Foundation Professor, Tsinghua SEM

Eden YIN
  • Associate Professor in Marketing and Fellow of
    St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge Judge Business School

  • Assistant Professor, Research Institute for International Management, University of St.Gallen

  • Director, China Competence Center

DI Ruipeng
  • Director, Global Executive Courses, Tsinghua SEM

HUANG Zhangkai
  • Associate Professor of Finance, Tsinghua SEM

JIA Ning
  • Associate Professor of
    Accounting,Tsinghua SEM

XU Lin
  • Chairman, China-U.S.
    Green Fund

  • Former Director, Development Planning Department, National Development and Reform Commission

XU Sitao
  • Chief Economist and Partner, Deloitte China

  • Guest Professor, Tsinghua SEM

WU Gansha
  • Co-Founder, Chairman
    and CEO, UISEE
    Technologies (Beijing)
    Co., Ltd.

GE Jun
  • CEO, TOJOY Shared
    Holding Group

  • Former Global Vice
    President, NVIDIA

  • Former Global Vice
    President, Apple

  • Former Vice President,
    Intel & Managing
    Director, Intel China

SU Zhong
  • Senior Researcher and
    Research Head of Future
    Technology Department,
    Alibaba Research

·Eva Maria Serrano Blanca
· President, INDITEX Greater China
In a world where we are seeing increasing speed of innovation and uncertainty, informed, adaptable, creative business leaders are crucial for an organization’s transformational growth. We need to evolve traditional organizations into future-focused ones in order to lead them through this age of disruption. This is the key to organizational success today. GEPC brings us at the forefront of change, helps understand it deeply and develop initiatives in order to compete successfully and grow sustainably.
·Mansoor Mohamed
· Hub Head Asia Pacific,
· South African Tourism
This course gave me in-depth knowledge to help me do business in China better. I particularly enjoyed the module on Chinese government planning, where I learnt about China's five-year planning process, a central pillar in China's economic planning cycle. I have done a few post-graduate courses from various universities and higher learning institutions worldwide, but nothing compares to the rich and diverse learning I experienced at Tsinghua.
·Goh Aik Hong
· Financial Controller, Asia Pacific,
· Lenovo
GEPC has been an eye opening and enriching journey with very bright minds in the form of professors, industry experts as well as classmates. Working in a Technology Multinational company of Chinese origins today present unprecedented challenges. GEPC has helped to provide a structured framework towards gaining insight on how to approach these unique set of challenges whilst providing a peek into what the exciting future holds from autonomous driving to metaverse. It has cemented my view that we indeed stand at a crossroad in history, and it is up to this generation to create better days for the next.
·Andrew Ian Smith
  • · Co-Founder and Chief Commercial
      Grameen Digital Health

  • · Chief Representative Officer,
      China & CEO,
      South East Asia, Harbr

  • · Co-Founder, Telenor Health

GEPC opens the door to discovering the Chinese innovation ecosystem. Through an amazing teaching quality and a rich network of faculty and alumni at Tsinghua, I have not only strengthened my skills but also broadened my network. I have got a deeper knowledge of where the whole innovation ecosystem is going, where the Chinese VC funds are really investing, and where government R&D support might create future opportunity. Understanding the ecosystem and having the knowledge of the Chinese culture as well as local people help me improve my work in China.
The Chinese market
presents new opportunities
and challenges.
  • During September 1-13, the 2024 program will feature on-site modules in Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen, providing participants with a diverse range of experiences across different Chinese cities.
  • All sessions are conducted in English. If there is
    a Chinese session,
    simultaneous translation will be provided.
Tsinghua University
Course Study Certificate
  • Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be
    awarded a Course Study Certificate by Tsinghua University.
Admissions Criteria
The program gives priority to applicants who:
  • have management experience and leadership potential.
    Participants should have at least five years of work experience, including
    experience in managing teams and/or projects.
  • have strong academic ability.
    Participants should have a solid academic foundation
    (e.g. holding at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent).
  • have a keen interest or rich experience in Chinese business.
    Applicants currently living and working in China (or planning to) or those
    whose work has a particular focus on China will be preferred.

  • Candidates must submit the application form.
  • A personal interview will be conducted by the Tsinghua
    admissions team.
  • The Admissions Committee will evaluate each candidate’s application.
  • The admissions decision is communicated to the candidates.
  • Seat confirmation and reservation.
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