Tsinghua has made continuous efforts to establish an educational mechanism that combines learning with research and industry to best serve China’s innovation-driven development strategy.

This is not only a way for Tsinghua to devote itself to the growth of its motherland, but also a strong driving force for the university to become an exemplary leader in the university-industry development in China. Under the guidance of this strategy, Tsinghua has established in-depth partnerships with ministries, local governments, enterprises, and overseas counterparts. Through the Tsinghua platform, the world’s best human resources, education resources, financial resources, Internet resources and innovation resources are integrated and shared to realize their full potential. Thanks to its diverse and in-depth partnerships, Tsinghua students, as the first and foremost beneficiaries of this educational mechanism, enjoy the privilege of leveraging Tsinghua’s resourceful industry platform. Empowered by such a platform, a great number of alumni of Tsinghua SEM executive education programs have, over the past few years, made the most of their own strengths in funding, technologies, market expertise, financial services, and management experience etc. to generate great benefits and values for the business community and the general public.

Academic research
Top interdisciplinary academic masters, providing linkages among universities and between China and the west, gathering top intelligence and wisdom.
Policy study

High-level macropolicy researchers are invited via the platform of Tsinghua SEM to give lectures that facilitate desirable interactions between decision makers, the academia and industry.

Business intelligence

An unparalleled strategic think tank is available. Top CEOs across the world are present in the classrooms to share thoughts and insights and to reveal the true nature of business and drill practical techniques.


International programs of Tsinghua SEM focus on the development of domestic and foreign corporations against the backdrop of globalization. The programs allow senior managers to update their management concepts, expand their horizons, and strengthen leadership. All classes and modules are designed by experienced professors from Tsinghua SEM based on their latest academic researches.

Inbound Programs

Tsinghua SEM provides custom programs for the world’s leading overseas universities and companies based on their industry and training needs.

Outbound Programs

Tsinghua SEM arranges overseas modules for long-term programs at the world’s top universities in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, etc.

To date, Tsinghua SEM Executive Education has trained more than 90,000 top managers for businesses.

These alumni are active in different sectors and have a deep connection with Tsinghua SEM, and many of them went on to become lifelong friends. The Tsinghua SEM Executive Education Alumni Association, which is the largest alumni association of Tsinghua SEM, was founded based on the core values of unity, tolerance, rigor and innovation. It provides alumni with shared resources that can facilitate their career success and has become a unique platform for them to pursue lifelong learning and maintain alumni contacts and communications.

Executive Education has trained more than
90,000 +
managers for businesses.