Leading Brand

Tsinghua SEM became one of the first business schools to be accredited by AACSB and EQUIS in mainland China. Its Executive Education dates back to 1981, which is not just the origin of executive training programs but, in some sense, the predecessor of today’s MBA and EMBA education in China.

Diverse Faculty

Besides Tsinghua SEM’s excellent faculty, top interdisciplinary academic masters from the other 20 schools of Tsinghua University as well as high-level guest speakers from a broad range of key government institutions and leading Chinese and multinational companies are invited via the platform of Tsinghua SEM to give lectures that facilitate desirable interactions between the academia, decision makers and industry.

National Executive Training Base

Tsinghua SEM has long been committed to policy research and is entrusted by ministries and commissions to organize different types of executive training programs for government and state-owned enterprise leaders every year.

Extensive Enterprise Cooperation

Tsinghua SEM has extensive and in-depth cooperation with enterprises among the Fortune Global 500, national large mainstay enterprises from a variety of industries, fast-developing small and medium sized enterprises, new and developing industries and multinationals operating in China, e.g. Tsinghua SEM cooperated with Tencent and Alibaba to organize Tsinghua-Tencent Future-Tech Entrepreneurs Program and Tsinghua-Alibaba New Business Xuetang respectively.

Client Oriented

Tsinghua SEM is dedicated to providing custom programs tailored to clients’ objectives, building the specific skill sets that clients require to drive their organization to success. No “one size fits all” approach is applied. Instead, the content and approach are customized in accordance with clients’ specific contexts.

Lead Professor

Tsinghua SEM programs appoint senior professors who care about clients’ interest and individual growth as the lead professors, who are responsible for the overall planning of the custom program, the design of curriculum framework, the choice of teaching faculty within the program and the quality control of each course.

Varying Teaching Methods

Custom programs of Tsinghua SEM consist of flexible and varying teaching methods such as lectures, field studies, case discussions, seminars, group assignments, and an exchange of management experience among participants, experiential learning is our strength.

Professional Management Team

An experienced program management team works closely with clients from the beginning, hosts the participant group for the entire duration of the stay and provides rigorous and efficient support, ensuring that the learning engagement - from enrollment and logistics through program delivery and follow-up - is seamless.

Professional Management Team

An experienced program management team works closely with clients from the beginning, hosts the participant group for the entire duration of the stay and provides rigorous and efficient support, ensuring that the learning engagement - from enrollment and logistics through program delivery and follow-up - is seamless.

Tsinghua SEM Executive Education will set up a professional team composed of senior professors and full-time staffs to develop and organize custom programs according to the specific needs of organizations.
All of our custom programs are designed and implemented based on a rigorous quality control process as illustrated in the following flow chart:
Initial Communications
Clients Needs and Objetives Specified
Preliminary Design of Program
Proposal Finalized and Contract Signed
Long-term Service
Program Evaluation
Program Implementation
Tailoring, Modifying or Revising of the Design
Any Enquiry

Among the successful programs offered by Tsinghua SEM Executive Education, the programs for organizations have attracted many large Chinese enterprises and multinational companies throughout and outside of China. Hundreds of government organizations and large enterprises have become our partners. Executive Education has offered more than 1,500 custom programs to Chinese and international enterprises.

Prof. Andrei Sharonov
President of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

The international course proved to be utmost contextually relevant supported with world-class professors, thorough expertise, informative visits to Chinese VET schools and the leading education and technology enterprise. Without a doubt it will play a major role in elevation of Russian VET schools and provide paramount support to VET management professionals. Upon completion of the course the participants shared with us their feedback and profound thankfulness for this unique opportunity to firsthand experience China’s VET system transformation. We hope that future will bring many more joint exciting project and possibilities for cooperation.

Prof. John Sequeira
Academic Director of Asian Financial Leaders Program,
Singapore Management University

Tsinghua SEM has conducted this module impeccably and with a high level of professionalism. The various experts and distinguished speakers during the module, not only candidly shared their wealth of experience, but also did it with passion and candour. It was indeed an enlightening and memorable experience for all our participants. More importantly, the AFLP has also demonstrated the strong ties between SMU and Tsinghua SEM, and the ongoing relationship that continues to flourish.

Prof. Tomas Casas
Assistant Professor at the Research Institute for International Management (FIM-HSG), Director of the China Competence Center (CCC) and Director of the Competence Center for Top Teams (CCTT), University of St.Gallen

The Tsinghua SEM team has over the years been supplying us with extraordinary and comprehensive learning experiences. Whether in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen our executive learning missions to China have deeply benefited from customized programs characterized by tailored content and unique access. Participants’ ratings are consistently as high as can be.

Mrs. Danhua Huang
Former Deputy Director of the SASAC

I’m grateful to Tsinghua SEM for arranging a program provides excellent onboarding and provides modern management philosophies and knowledge with China’s local context in mind. This program improved awareness and a sense of responsibility in students, laying the theoretical foundation for the work of the board of supervisors allowing them to adapt to the needs of SOE reform and the new developments of China’s economic growth.

Mr. Jiwei Lou
Former Chairman of China Investment Corporation (CIC)

​The training program is not only an opportunity for students to improve their expertise, but also a critical means for us to develop human resources. As the backbone of China Investment Corporation, the students need to understand our glorious mission to manage assets for our country and people. Studying at Tsinghua SEM will enable our students to not only be better aware of the local and international context, but also be better team leaders to promote the continuous growth of China Investment Corporation and fulfill the mission entrusted in us by our country.

Mr. Weihua Ma
Former President of China Merchants Bank

Tsinghua SEM offered the best professors, the best resources and the most convenient conditions so that we could make the most of the training program to facilitate the change of our mindset. Once the right mindset is developed, we are able to solve whatever difficulty that our business encounters.

Mr. Xiaohai Lin
Former President of Sales for Procter & Gamble (China) Marketing

We would like to thank Tsinghua’s faculty and staff for their meticulous organization of the training program. This program is a useful supplement to P&G’s internal training, and provides a platform for P&G colleagues from all over China to exchange views and voice suggestions for our company’s future development.

Mr. Yuejia Sha
Former Vice President of China Mobile Communications Corporation

​Thanks to the program at Tsinghua SEM, our employees quickly mastered the innovative practices of leading companies in the industry, which allows them to work with diversity and creativity. Going forward, we hope that we can leverage Tsinghua University’s platform more effectively and gain wider access to its academic resources, with a view to providing our employees with the best education support and growing our cooperation sustainably.

Mr. Tae-won Chey
Chairman of SK Group

SK sends its key managers to China to study with professors from the prestigious Tsinghua SEM so that they may acquire a wider range of knowledge, have more diversified experiences, and deepen their understanding of China, which will enable SK to provide better products and services to Chinese customers in the future. The success of the training program suggests that a strategic partnership between Tsinghua and SK has been established for us to pursue cooperative development. We have good reason to believe that this partnership will be further consolidated.