New Era of Southeast Asian Collaboration in the Context of “One Belt and One Road” --The Opening Ceremony of the Sixth Singapore and Indonesia Executive Programme Held

April 20, 2015, the opening ceremony of the Sixth Singapore and Indonesia Executive Programme was held in the Shunde Building of Tsinghua SEM. Entrepreneurs from Singapore and Indonesia have thenceforth entered a one-week training programme. Participants of this programme come from renowned enterprises and organisations in Singapore and Indonesia, as well as overseas filiales of Chinese corporations. By comparison with previous cohorts, participants of the Sixth are younger in age and comprise more females.

Prof. Zhu Yan, Deputy Party Secretary of Tsinghua SEM, addressed the first speech welcoming scholars to Tsinghua SEM at the most exciting season of Tsinghua’s anniversary. He introduced the 31-year history of Tsinghua SEM, remarking that the mission proposed by Prof. Zhu Rongji, the founding dean of Tsinghua SEM, that our education in economy and management should be internationalised whilst oriented to China’s economic development, and that international collaborative programmes should enjoy great support from the school, the best operational team and faculty in particular. China has a friendly and open market that embraces the participation of Southeast Asian countries to the new tide of China’s economic development. With the strategic policies and instructive mind-set of “One Belt and One Road”, “Internet +”, etc., new economic growth points and business pattern will be discoursed jointly.

Mr. Santo Darmosumarto, Counsellor of Social and Cultural Engagement of Indonesian Embassy to China, extended his congratulations to the successful opening of this programme on behalf of Mr. Pipien Lenggono Eka Priatna, Ambassador of Indonesia to China. He emphasised the need to further mutual understanding of the economy and business cultures between China and Indonesia, as the communication in politics, economy and culture between the two countries gets thick and fast. The executive programme not only benefits its participants but also strengthens the reciprocal understanding, advances relevant industries, and moreover stimulates the trade relation between China and Indonesia. The twenty-first century is an era of Asia. Asia is springing up on the stage of world economy and politics, where it is playing an increasingly significant role. China and Southeast Asia share the wish to greet the arrival of the Asian era.

Ms. Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Senior Advisor of UID, led a retrospection over the previous five years of fruitful collaboration with Tsinghua SEM, and expressed her prospect that more ASEAN countries in addition to Singapore and Indonesia could join and benefit from such programmes. She pointed that Tsinghua University, as the top university in China, enjoys a rich history and culture that nurtures numerous talents; she also encouraged participants to make the best of this opportunity to achieve as much as possible via interaction with professors and classmates.

In recently years, Tsinghua SEM has been holding seminars for Indonesian, Singaporean and Malaysian executives on many occasions, aiming at intensifying the understanding and trust between Chinese and Southeast Asian entrepreneurs so as to enhance business cooperation and commercial intercourse and push forward the regional economies. The Sixth Singapore and Indonesia Executive Programme will devote six days to lectures on management and leadership in Chinese organisation, transcultural management, China’s economy and finance, etc., inclusive of visits to established Chinese enterprises.