Advanced Management Programme in Fashion & Luxury Launches 9th Cohort

The 9th Advanced Management Programme in Fashion & Luxury (AMP9) jointly organised by Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM), Institut Francais de la Mode (IFM), école des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris (HEC Paris) and Trends Group was launched at SEM on September 25. Prof. Xue Lei, Director of Executive Education of Tsinghua SEM and Ms. Liu Rong, General Manager of Human Resources and initiator of Trends Academy, attended the school opening ceremony.
Prof. Xue accorded the students a warm welcome to the AMP9family and best wishes for achievements in the later study, and Ms. Liu introduced the professional and rich nature of the programme on behalf of Trends, followed by a closing speech on the programme agenda as well as the essence of AMP9 addressed by Ms. Kris Xie, Associate Director of Executive Education of Tsinghua SEM.
AMP9 has invited notable scholars from world leading institutions to provide the students with teaching, featuring, among others, Lu Xiaobo, professor and Dean of Tsinghua University Academy of Art & Design, Li Fei, professor of the Marketing Faculty at SEM, Vincent Bastien, professor of the Marketing Faculty at HEC and former CEO of Louis Vuitton, Florence Muller, professor of History and Cultural Studies at IFM and former Director of Musée Galliera, and Jean-Noel Kapferer, professor of the Marketing Faculty at HEC and international specialist in marketing.
In addition, AMP9 is joined by quite a few fashion figures and commercial leaders, and these guest lecturers share their own successful experiences and insightful views. They are: Liu Jiang, President of Trends, Dennis Chan, Co-founder and Creative Director of Qeelin, Lan Zhenzhen, Vice President of L'Oreal China, Li Dakang, Chairman and CEO of Greater China of Michael Kors, Liu Zhijuan, General Manager of Lanvin China, Lucy Xu, Vice President Christian Dior China, and Zhao Qian, Chief Representative of Federation Francais de la Couture China.
In the orientation of AMP9 on September 25, Prof. Gregorio Di Leo, champion boxer of Italy and authoritative psychologist of ISTUD (Istituto Studi Direzionali) offered a special boxing training for the students, instructing how to react in a stressful environment and upgrade leadership through boxing training. Ms. Shi Yan, Director of Creative Commerce of Trends, tailor-made a “Private Wardrobe” for the students based on the fashion trend, so as to meet the increasingly personalisedneeds and craving for distinctive lifestyles.
In the first module of AMP9 during the following three days, Prof. Alain Dumont from Department of Enterprise Strategies and Policies of HEC, Prof. Xue Lei from Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Tsinghua SEM, and Liu Jiang, President of Trends, will jointly lead over 30 pioneers in the Chinese fashion industry through an unforgettable voyage of vogue centring on “globalisation, strategies and creativity”.
The Advanced Management Programme in Fashion & Luxury was jointly initiated by Tsinghua University SEM, IFM and HEC in 2006, dedicated to equipping the management talents and professions in the fashion and luxury industry with the latest expertise, broadening their international horizon, enhancing their management skills and enriching their connections and resources so as to improve the innovation ability, brand influence and comprehensive competence of their respective companies.
Based on the successful experience of seven previous terms, the programme formally introduced Trends in 2013 as its fourth partner and has hence largely upgraded its curriculum. Firstly, the new curriculum focuses more on the mercantile theories and their own business practices, emphasising group reports and case studies. Secondly, the course invites honorary advisors of the fashion industry as guest lecturers and organises experience-based instructions such as onsite visits to reputed enterprises and panel discussions. Additionally, the programme unceasingly attaches importance to the maintenance of alumni and invites alumni to communicate and share their experience with the students by holding various themed forums and events.