Tsinghua SEM Holds“Masters in Executive Coaching”Public Class

On July 14-15th, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM) partnered with Ashridge Business School in England to jointly hold the “Masters in Executive Coaching”public class at the School.

The two days open class has invited professors from Tsinghua SEM and Ashridge Business School to give lectures and speeches. The curriculum focused on the discussion of the world's leading coaching practices, organizational development and psychotherapy theories. Through extensive interaction and a free flow of thoughts, students were able to refine their own theories, experiences and skills; allowing an effective enhancement of their leadership abilities and styles.

Ms. Ann Knights and Mr. Philip Mix from Ashridge Business School have initiated the course with thoughtful comments on "executive coaching" and the importance of executive coaches in organizations. Participants were introduced to each other through interactive sessions and by going through a series of psychology and behavioral science training; the role of executive coaches and their functions in organizations were fully illustrated and presented to participants.  Through group discussions, participants were introduced to the differences of being a coach and being coached. On the other hand, Professor Zhang Jin from Tsinghua SEM combined business cases with the consideration of the business environment in China to give lecture on leadership and employee motivation; helping participants to master the technique in the applying their coaching skills in China.

On the 15th, two of our panel guests, Mr. Xu Zemin, Vice President of Downstream Strategy and Business Development from Shell and Mr. Ni Wei, International Chief Executive from Asimco Technologies involved actively in the discussion of employee motivation and performance improvement. 

Given the two days of learning and discussions, participants have gained a preliminary understanding on executive coaching. Executive coaching, as a new concept in China, is still in its initial stages of development. In today's increasingly competitive market environment, the ability to lead and coach plays a crucial role in the success of an organization. As an important component of leadership, coaching skills of executives are given increasing attention due to its unique function in human resources and talent development. Executive coaching can be fulfilled by a high quality communication between coaches and students. It enables coaches to proactively make decisions, to translate them into actions, to systematically improve performance, and lastly to promote harmony between the managers and their team members.

The program is offered over a one year period on a part time basis with two modules altogether. Successful completion of the program leads to a degree of the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching and a certificate of Tsinghua Executive Education program.