Executive Education

Program Profile 

The history of executive education atTsinghuaUniversitycan be traced back to 1981, when the Department of Economics and Management, the predecessor of

theSchoolofEconomicsand Management, set up a pioneer management program for leaders of major SOE across the country. From then on, the School has led managers to advance with the transition and globalization process in the world's most dynamic economic system, resulting in the school enjoying high prestige on intellectual innovation and practical faith both among academic circles and the business society. To better meet the demand of business leaders in the era of globalization and Internet, SEM partnered with Harvard Business School in executive education in 2001, with the strong support from the alliance of other leading academic, government and business institutions. The school has created an unrivaled business education and knowledge network inChinaand inAsiawith its more than 60 executive and customized programs and a leading faculty. 


Leading Faculty 

Core faculties who teach in the executive education programs are prestigious. No matter which discipline they come from, they all have acquired professional education from famous academic institutions all over the world, and remain lose to business administration practice through their relationships with business and industry leaders. Therefore, they can leverage their research and expertise to generate new knowledge and concepts, which actually shapes the practice of management inChina.


Other highly accomplished professional specialists in the business society also join the faculty to further enrich the learning experience of the participants in our various programs. Combining them with the outstanding faculty of the school, our programs expose participants to perspectives and challenge their thinking on multiple levels.


Diversity of the Participants

SEM's Executive Education Programs attracts outstanding participants from diversified industries, regions, and backgrounds. Participants typically include a culturally diversified group of managers- from state-owned enterprises, private-owned businesses and multinational companies. They have various industry backgrounds such as manufacturing, high technology, finance, real estate and trade from all over the country and the world. Interaction with this community of business leaders stimulates the thinking and enriches the learning experience of all participants who have demonstrated capabilities and proven leadership potential from various industries and regions.


Learning Environment 

TheExecutiveEducationCenterjust moved into the newShundeBuilding, the state-ofthe- art educational facility on the campus of Tsinghua. The main executive programs, as well as the administrative offices, are housed there. The building provides amphitheaters, classrooms, conference halls and library, all networked with sophisticated computer technology.


In addition to classroom experience, the participants have the opportunity to meet the most prestigious genius in and beyond the university, those who through their remarkable initiatives, change the way people perceive the world. There are abundant opportunities for participants to participate activities and events on and off campus, to share ideas that lead to the changes in the future.

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